A few days ago, I asked my followers in a GI story to suggest imaginary names for art movements they would like to see emerge in the coming years. Having received many beautiful answers, I have chosen to share 25 of them in this article!

Moreover, I suggest to continue this speculative activity to all creators who recognize themselves in these names by using them as hashtags to define their artistic works.

N.E.S.T (Nature-Empowered StoryTelling)

Intuitive unlearned expression

Art Terraforming : When a large place is repurposed by all types of art and installations



Holographic existentialists

Eco horror


Inter-Dimensional Surrealism


Dental romanticism

After renaissance rebirth

Aquatic mutation with its new habitat, emergence of new skins

Digital Arte Povera

Vibro-Empathic Holotesselationism


Nonexistencialism. The art of existing as little as possible

Experimental fauna genre paintings


Intergalactic Fashion Union


Post plague paintings

Accelerationism and anti-accelerationism


Healing vibes manifest

I would like to thank all the people who participated in this exercise and Alix Desaubliaux, without whom I wouldn’t have had the idea to do it !

Image credit : Annihilation, 2018, by Alex Garland


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