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The Usurpers

The Usurpers

Premiere on Expo156:
Β«The UsurpersΒ», by @kristallikova
It is about an extraterrestrial family, where children seize power over their parents. Main visual feature is similarity of each of the five characters with terrestrial animals.
Team credits: (art/)director&keymua @kristallikova

producer @ahhtosya

video operators @paveilone @nezrimvadim

photographer @culttv

style @modefashion04

production designer @diarikrist
video editor @whvgi

light @nezrimvadim

makeup @sonyaulyanovaa @ulielolle @baarwel inspired by @thundergirl_xtal

music Β«Go awayΒ» by @cardinal_and_nun

sisters-hedgehogs @sexyurbann @plinchos

brother-rabbit @viovokum

father-eagle @naiwell

mother-snake @dolfiinspace

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