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Heavy Moon

Artwork by Lou Shafer for Expo156
1. Caro♡ – over u
2. Harold Budd / Elizabeth Fraser / Robin Guthrie / Simon Raymonde – Why Do You Love Me?
3. Solange – Dreams
4. Nino Rota – O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia
5. Mansfield.TYA – La Notte
6. Lush – Light From A Dead Star
7. Pauline Anna Strom – Gossamer Silk
8. Oklou – nightime
9. Caroline Polachek – The Gate (Extended Mix)
10. Delia Derbyshire – Falling (The Dreams)
11. Oneohtrix Point Never – Boring Angel
12. Jean-Jacques Perrey – Berceuse Pour Un Bébé Robot (Lullaby For A Baby Robot)
13. Lyra Pramuk – New Moon

🌝 End notes // Notes de fin de Playlist 🌚

The title of the playlist comes from an excerpt of “Dreaming the Dark” by Starhawk:
“It is very late, and I am very tired. Yet I know that I can lie down and sleep and rise up fresh in the morning, as the heavy moon will set and rise. That is our magic ; our power to return, as something always pushes up from underground that can feed us.”

If you liked this playlist I recommend you to go read the beautiful interview of Pauline Anna Strom by Caroline Polachek

I thank Lou Shafer for the gorgeous cover she designed for the occasion.

I thank Guilhem Vincent who introduced me to Lyra Pramuk‘s wonderful musical work a year ago.

Le titre de la playlist vient d’un extrait de “Dreaming the Dark” de Starhawk :
« Il est très tard et je suis fatiguée. Mais je sais que je peux m’étendre, dormir et me réveiller fraîche au matin, comme la lourde lune se couche et se lève. C’est notre magie : notre pouvoir de faire retour, car quelque chose pousse toujours du dedans de la terre qui peut nous nourrir. »

Si vous avez aimé cette playlist je vous recommande d’aller lire la belle interview de Pauline Anna Strom par Caroline Polachek

Je remercie Lou Shafer pour la magnifique pochette qu’elle a conçue pour l’occasion.

Je remercie Guilhem Vincent qui m’a fait découvrir l’œuvre merveilleuse de Lyra Pramuk il y a maintenant un an.


Fall Stories

Celebrating our last escapes into the woods, warming from the last rays of sunshine shining on the yellow leaves, feeling the dreariness that will come to turn the world off, waiting for the future snows in front of rocks that are getting darker and darker, and contemplating our aging skins that are turning into cliffs. This playlist tells something about those some fall images.

Image credit : @s_a_mayer



🌊 “Thalassa”, my first aquatic music playlist is available on YouTube 🌊

1. SOPHIE – Is It Cold In The Water?

2. Les Baxter – Coral Castle

3. Hiroshi Yoshimura – Singing Stream

4. Brian Eno – Inland Sea

5. Biosphere – Shenzou

6. Coil – The Sea Priestess

7. Drexciya – Quantum Hydrodynamics

8. Björk – Oceania

9. Ashra – Ocean Of Tenderness

10. Jean-Pierre Decerf – Surrounding Seas

11. Sigur Rós – Sæglópur

12. Robert Fripp – Water Music II

Image credit : Coral reef by Yannick Chancerelle

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