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Whole New Worlds

The Spiral Dance of the Cyborg and the Goddess

“During the spiral dance, each participant at a given moment is facing each other, and meets her gaze. It seems that here the cyborg and the Goddess have indeed exchanged a look, that a connection has taken place, the manifestation of which is, and can only be, a certain joy.” * There may have been joyful connections between Goddesses and cyborgs before Donna Haraway wrote her Cyborg manifesto. Notably in the pages of The Witch and the Chameleon, the first feminist science-fiction fanzine created in 1974 by Amanda Bankier, which will be followed by many others, starting with Janus and …

Whole New Worlds

Something is Happening

Something is clearly happening. This is something we said to each other at “Hortus Conclusus”, the last exhibition I had the pleasure of visiting, organized by students from the art school in the city where I live. These words every time they are pronounced make me feel an immense joy, an impatience about the future and a sense of gratitude to be experiencing the best that the present is able to offer us. Something is happening, we are unable to name this something, but yet we can feel it collectively, deep inside ourselves. It is something that is related to …

Whole New Worlds

25 names of artistic movements you would like to see emerge in the coming years.

A few days ago, I asked my followers in a GI story to suggest imaginary names for art movements they would like to see emerge in the coming years. Having received many beautiful answers, I have chosen to share 25 of them in this article! Moreover, I suggest to continue this speculative activity to all creators who recognize themselves in these names by using them as hashtags to define their artistic works. The full list : N.E.S.T (Nature-Empowered StoryTelling) Intuitive unlearned expression Art Terraforming : When a large place is repurposed by all types of art and installations Fleurisme Britneyism Holographic …

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