Expo156 has become with your encouragement my main activity for a year. After a few months of work I opened the website of the platform at the beginning of 2021 and since then I’ve been feeding it with content, with several interview formats, articles on the future of art, fashion editorials, playlists, and more recently a calendar of exhibitions and events. I still need your help to continue developing this project to a higher level, being able to devote myself to it full time and with full financial independence.

Your financial support would also allow me to call upon creators to produce exclusive content for Expo156, to pay them for their work and to support artistic creation even more strongly. This content could take the form of illustrations for the articles, theoretical texts, photo shoots, Instagram filters, covers for the playlists and much more!

In order for me to fund this content I invite you to subscribe on my Patreon, in exchange for rewards that include beautiful stickers and T-Shirts. You’ll have the opportunity to be personally informed of the progress of the above projects, and have your name listed on the website’s thank you page. You’ll also have access to IG stories as close friends and articles before anyone else 🎈🎁

So, thank you again for your support πŸ’—

Charline Kirch

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