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The Usurpers

The Usurpers

Premiere on Expo156:
Β«The UsurpersΒ», by @kristallikova
It is about an extraterrestrial family, where children seize power over their parents. Main visual feature is similarity of each of the five characters with terrestrial animals.
Team credits: (art/)director&keymua @kristallikova

producer @ahhtosya

video operators @paveilone @nezrimvadim

photographer @culttv

style @modefashion04

production designer @diarikrist
video editor @whvgi

light @nezrimvadim

makeup @sonyaulyanovaa @ulielolle @baarwel inspired by @thundergirl_xtal

music Β«Go awayΒ» by @cardinal_and_nun

sisters-hedgehogs @sexyurbann @plinchos

brother-rabbit @viovokum

father-eagle @naiwell

mother-snake @dolfiinspace


Game Ending

I’m in the game ending, there is not much left to destroy.

Planets banging like billiard balls and trees falling like bowling skittles.
Gladiator wounds hidden under makeup. Glittery polish on white sand dunes. Fluorescent colors causing blindness. Boulevards punctuated by wrestlers statues.

Sandmen sleeping on purple smoke clouds. Flowering lightnings reflected on war armor.

Masks to keep breathing the smell of strawberries. Music that mixes with the sound of firecrackers. Attractions in flames and overheated carousels. Blinking blue robotic eyes, nobody to look at them.

Text by @charlinekirch for @expo156
Image credit : @xeniavalevsky

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